higher the foam density, better the quality.

The Splendor Series mattresses feature a range of benefits that set them apart from other mattresses. Concentrate more on a High Density that makes a high level of personalized support and comfort.


It gives you the comfort of personalized feeling on each side of the bed.


Addresses the more overreaching issue of general ‘sleep disturbance’ – which impacts the disturbance our partner might of on our sleep.

Edge Support

Stable edge support (seating) is also huge for people with chronic hip or joint pain who have a hard time getting up from lower positions.

Quality and Durability

This makes higher density foams more compact, increasing their quality and durability tremendously.

Splendor Series

Splendor Series provides remarkable support and comfort. One important factor to consider Splendor Series is its density that dictates its foam’s quality, comfort, and longevity. Wherein the higher the foam density, the better the quality.


Pocket Coils are wrapped or encased coils. This is thin-gauge, barrel-shaped, knotless coils that are not wired together, so they work more or less independently

Models are available in all standard sizes, from twin to king sizes, giving you different options of dimensions depending on your need. Tansy mattresses are durable and stand on the longevity of the consumer’s use. Products are all enjoyed under a warranty period


High-Density Foam Mattress are some of the most popular mattresses out there. Mattress density is an important factor to consider when selecting a mattress. Density dictates a foam’s quality, comfort, and longevity.

The more weight contained per cubic foot, the higher the density. This makes higher density foams more compact, increasing their quality and durability tremendously.


Edge support is most common in mattresses that have coils with side support systems or foam mattresses that have extra foam structure on the sides.

Some manufacturers will add additional high-density foam wrapped around the core mattress to provide extra support. Others will achieve the same support by getting the coils as close to the side as possible for a flush supportive experience.