Designed to support relaxation and comfort

Tansy was born in this fast-paced age of time, where everyone needs comfort in his very home, after a long tiring day. Tansy is your kind of spring mattress that suits your desired comfort while maintaining its elegance that everyone deserves. It gives you the superb quality that you deserve.

Plays a major role in the cause and effect of your back pain

When you spend seven to eight hours on a mattress, you can bet that it plays a major role in the cause and effect of your back pain. Being comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep is one thing, but being ergonomically supported is quite another. And that is where Tansy stood out, as it is engineered and designed to support relaxation and comfort once we lay down and rest our bodies over a Tansy mattress.

Know your Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your health and happiness. But with so many mattresses to choose from and so many options out there, it’s important that we ask the question, what makes a good spring mattress?

10 or more years of lifespan is the mark of a good mattress. Mattresses should last long, because they are composed of heat treated spring coils that serve as the core support system, and are made from excellent steel.
Our mattresses are made from heat-treated spring coils, which allow air to circulate more freely, and prevent heat retention. These coils are designed to ease the body and help it to relax while relieving pressure points.

It should be ideal for every sleeping position, whether you sleep on your side, on your stomach, or on your back, a good spring mattress will support your whole body and make you feel less pressure in certain areas.


A good spring mattress should offer superior ventilation as it has more open structure than its foam counterparts, allowing air to circulate more freely and prevent heat retention.

It should be TANSY

Yes, it should be Tansy. Our mattresses are built to last, meeting your expectations on durability, support, temperature and comfort. Our springs are made from the highest-quality steel designed to support your entire body, ease pressure and reduce fatigue. Offering optimal support, cooling comfort, pressure relief and more, our mattresses offer everything you need and more from a mattress.

Why It Called "TANSY"

The name was derived from a flowering herbaceous plant with finely divided compound leaves and yellow, button-like flowers. Having a scent similar to that of Camphor with hints of Rosemary. Tansy is native to Eurasia; it is found in almost all parts of mainland Europe, as well as Britain and Ireland. Tansy has a long history of use. It was first recorded as being cultivated by the ancient Greeks for medicinal purposes.